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A Couple Of Obligations

부부의 의무를 원하신다면

Synopsis A Couple Of Obligations

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The tall, imposing gates of the castle opened grandly as the charismatic princess of Bashar met the sharpest sword of the empire, a fearsome warrior known across the lands for his valor and strength.As their eyes locked in a moment of unspoken understanding, the courtiers whispered about the powerful alliance forming before them, a union meant to solidify bonds and secure peace in turbulent times.Yet behind the facade of diplomatic unity, a tempest of emotions rages within each of the newlyweds, torn between duty and desire, their hearts entwined in a dance of secrecy and longing.In the dimly lit corridors of the castle, a tingling thrill of forbidden romance grows, as two souls collide in a whirlwind of passion and uncertainty, bound by fate but pulled apart by the secrets they hold.