Taram Taram Taram
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Taram Taram Taram

Synopsis Taram Taram Taram

Read manhwa Taram Taram Taram / 타람 타람 타람, 타람타람타람

“Dawn” entered the hall with her calm movements and stood in the middle. Her face showed no emotions, like a doll, but she was captivating and elegant, strikingly like an ice queen. Exer smiled lightly, spread her legs, and said, ‘As Lord, I will embrace you tonight.’ A fateful encounter for the first time. A woman falls in love at first sight. And a man fights the world for this woman. ‘If this world cannot accept her as a wife, then I will change this world.’ A love story between Dawn, the Eastern girl who endured a tough childhood while fleeing from war and became a slave, and Exer, the handsome man who was known as the strongest warrior in the kingdom.