A Golden Fate That Transcends Time
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A Golden Fate That Transcends Time

Synopsis A Golden Fate That Transcends Time

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Ensnared in a dark ploy by both her stepmother and half-sister, Eris was forced to marry the useless and pathetic Gellert. Her married life was rife with difficulties, yet she endured the insults and agony to raise her beloved son, Luka.
But when her husband’s carelessness led to Luka’s death, Gellert tried to comfort Eris by saying, “We’re still young. We can have more children.”
Devastated by his words, Eris prayed to the heavens, begging to have her son back. Moved by her plight, the Golden Dragon manifested his powers to bring Eris back to the day when this all started. Eris was determined to have her revenge against her stepmother, her half-sister, and her ex-husband, but…
“Do the rumors about us upset you?”
Teodore Lehinal, a Duke that Eris had never even spoken to in her last life, seemed to have taken a sudden interest in her…